Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Nails Candy Cane Stripes

Hello, the holidays are upon us and the spirit of Christmas is here to get you in the mood, now what do I put on my nails? How about candy cane strippes?

In order to do this you need a new set of nails. Having other colors of acrylic other that red and white will make the set of nails not as bright and make them extra thick. I dont drill out the other colors because of the time factor and the extra drilling to the nail bed.

It usually takes an hour to an hour and half to soak the nails off so make sure you make it to your appointment in plently of time to do this. I don't charge extra for soaking.

Other people like other Christmas decorated nails. These are usually called magazine art, or custom nail art. This is a pre ordered item and I need up to 2 weeks notice. i need the photo's of personal pictures or let me know what you want done so I can search through my library to see what I can do for you. A full set between 4-7 nails of nail art starts at $45.00 and up. Extra is dependant upon length and time.

Happy Holiday's!